Guardianship Tribunal Lawyer

A Guardianship Tribunal lawyer is represents people who come before the Guardianship Tribunal (now renamed as NCAT – . This Tribunal is under what was once called the Disability Services and Guardianship Act 1987.

Guardianship Tribunal LawyerThere is generally a 3 member panel who hear matters brought before the Tribunal to discuss and decide on the individual cases presented to them.

The three Guardianship Tribunal members involved, for a three member Tribunal, always consist of a lawyer, a professional (someone with an expertise on assessing  a person’s current emotional, mental and psychological state), and a community member (a person who handles people with disabilities generally, or sometimes even specific to the case assigned).

The reports given by doctors, professionals and community members are given significant weight in the decision meted out by the tribunal. The lawyer who is involved in Guardianship tribunal cases usually have at least 7 years of experience in cases like these and their legal assessment is also a big consideration to what the tribunal chooses to do with the case.

All the people involved in the case can be present during the hearing. Evidence and testimonies can be delivered through the telephone.

Obviously, the person who has questionable capacity to render his own financial decisions will usually not be happy with the proceedings, especially if it goes against their current lifestyle which is most often the case. He or she can present their appeal to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of New South Wales, or the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

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